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Rm. 401, Vinzons Hall,
UP Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

The history of the Philippine Collegian was printed in the February 14, 1996 Collegian Alumni Homecoming publication entitled, "Disturbing the Peace." It was articulated by the News and Features editors of the 1995-96 term.

Here is the first editorial in the magazine-type collection written by then Editor in Chief Ibarra Medina Gutierrez.


First Forms

The Philippine Collegian

The War Years


Martial Law

After EDSA

The Philippine Collegian

The Philippine Collegian was established the same year the Varsity News succumbed to ruin. It was only in 1922 that the UP Administration accepted the University Council's proposed constitution for a University paper and acknowledged the need for a student paper.

The initial issues of the Philippine Collegian came out once every two weeks and had news, feature articles, literary works along with advertisements in its 10 by 13-1/2 pages. Students didn't mind shelling out 25 centavos per copy to catch a glimpse of the latest campus heartthrob in the Collegian's popular Coed's and Bachelor's Pages.

However, when the Collegian published the names of 197 students expelled from the University, it created an uproar among the disgruntled students. Citing what they had published was nothing but the "bare legitimate truth," the 1924 Collegian Board of Management saw no need to give in to the students' request for an apology.

It was finally in 1926 that a tabloid-sized Collegian sold for only 5 centavos to supplement the student-generated funds.

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